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Are Pets Covered in a Wreck?

By: Fry | Goehring

The Humane Society claims over 60% of households have a pet. Most consider their animals as part of the family so they are often included in outings and trips.

  • What happens when there’s a car accident and one of your furry friends is a passenger?
  • Are they covered by your insurance?
  • Does your insurance only cover people and vehicles?

People spend an estimated $41 billion yearly on pets, including healthcare.  If your pet requires medical attention because they were riding along with you when an accident occurred, the costs can add up quickly.  If your pet is not covered the veterinary bills can add up quickly.

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Ask your insurance company

Many insurance companies have built-in pet coverage. If you are concerned about the possibility of your pet being injured in an accident, you should contact your insurance company. Getting the information beforehand is better than struggling to figure it out after an accident occurs.

Also, be sure to ask your insurance company which animals are covered. This is especially important when you have a non-typical pet like a parrot, lizard, or other similarly atypical pet!

When would additional insurance for pets be useful?

If your pet regularly rides in your vehicle, or if you plan on taking an extended road trip, you can consider additional insurance for your pet. This is only applicable if your insurance company does not already have adequate pet coverage.

Another benefit of additional pet insurance is that these policies often include coverage for checkups and unforeseen expensive medical care. Contact your insurance company or look into a dedicated pet plan like Pet Assure.

How are pets handled in a claim?

Many pets owners are shocked to learn that insurance companies consider pets as property. Don’t let this offend you. This has been an industry standard for a while and works to your advantage. If the negligent driver has liability insurance, your pet’s veterinary expenses will be covered since the insurance company considers your pet to be personal property.

Pets can easily become loved as a family member, and keeping them healthy and safe is extremely important. Ensure that you are educated on your insurance policy’s stance on pet coverage, and reach out to your insurance if you have any questions.

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