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Your Car: A Safe Haven From Allergens?

By: Fry | Goehring

inside of a car

It is allergy season!!! In some places, this would actually be news, but since in Atlanta it covers the ground like snow, you already know. On average a person spends 2-4 hours inside their vehicle a day just traveling to and from work. This means that for several hours a day, you may be subjecting yourself to more allergens than your immune system can handle.

Since we are a firm that deals heavily with vehicles and vehicle accidents, it seemed fitting to share how your vehicle can protect you from the intense allergy season in Georgia!

What IS Pollen Count?

The pollen count this month(April) has been around 2,200. So this means that on average, every day there is around 2,200 pollen particles within a cubic meter of air. A meter is about 3 feet. So when you are outside, there are thousands of pollen particles flying around you at any given moment just within a 3-foot radius of yourself. The biggest producers of pollen in Georgia are trees, namely oak, elm, and cedar trees. Windblown pollen is the culprit here. There is pollen that is too heavy to be windblown and is the stuff you see stuck to bees and other insects – this pollen is nice. If only all pollen was like this!

How Your Car Protects You!

Since we all go outside at one point or another, it is very difficult to fully protect yourself from pollen. Of course, you can take allergy medication, or invest in fancy face masks to try and filter out allergens from the air you breathe. One significantly overlooked method of protecting yourself from allergens is actually using the air conditioning in your vehicle. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning isn’t just important for the temperature its shoots out, but the quality of oxygen that it produces as well. The air filters in your car are just like the ones in your home – they separate out all of the bad stuff and produce cleaner air to breathe – but you have to change the filter regularly! If you are having a difficult time outdoors, taking a break in your car with the A/C on will definitely help.

Clean Your Car!

Another way to make your car even safer against the onslaught of allergens is to clean and vacuum the seats, floor, and surfaces regularly on the inside, and wipe down or get regular washes for the outside. Many allergens stick to your hands, clothing, shoes, etc. This gives them free rein to spread into your vehicle and continuously cause issues.

dirty car

Another good tip is to switch out your cloth floor mats for plastic ones – it provides a less conducive environment for bacteria, mold, and pollen to collect.

The Bottom Line.

Thankfully the pollen is finite and will eventually clear for the rest of the year. Allergies are not fun to deal with, so make sure you are taking the proper steps to alleviate the effects of them on your life. The last thing you want is to be hacking and sneezing because you haven’t taken the steps to protect yourself!