Georgia Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

There’s a lot to deal with after an injury accident, and insurance providers know this. Unfortunately, many accident victims are further victimized, subjected to pressure to accept a quick settlement offer so they can get on with their lives. Insurance companies want to close the book on your case at minimal cost to them.

If an insured party is found negligent, it can be a tremendous financial liability for the insured and their insurance provider, so they make a nominal offer in the hopes that you lack the will to pursue real justice, and won’t call a lawyer.


If you have been in an injury accident in Georgia, here are five cues that should prompt you to call a lawyer with experience in injury law.

  1. You are requested to sign a release form. Whether it is your employer, an insurance claims adjuster or third-party representative, don’t sign anything that could be signing away your right to fair compensation.
  2. The at-fault party is denying responsibility for the accident.
  3. You have debilitating, life-changing or long-term injuries. One unfortunate mistake many injury accident victims make is to accept a settlement amount prematurely. A settlement will always carry with it a proviso, preventing you from filing any future claims related to your accident. If your injuries prove to be more extensive, requiring additional treatment, you could be left footing the medical bills.
  4. You are being sued. There may be some question regarding liability, or the other party is holding you partially or fully liable for the accident.
  5. Your insurance does not fully cover your accident-related expenses. It’s not uncommon for injury accident victims to have bills to pay beyond their insurance coverage. Even if you were to get 100% coverage, you still wouldn’t be compensated for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. Your lost wages wouldn’t be covered unless it was a work-related accident.


Don’t let insurance companies or big corporations bully you into accepting small settlements for your pain and suffering. Call a lawyer with a proven track record in litigating on behalf of clients just like you. The Fry | Goehring will pursue justice for you throughout the litigation process. Follow us on Google +!