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Tips para mantener la calma en un accidente aéreo

A pesar de que las probabilidades de estar en medio de un accidente aéreo son de 1 en 60 millones (es decir que podrías volar todos los días durante 160.000 años sin tener ningún problema) esta situación sigue siendo algo que preocupa a miles de pasajeros a diario. Los aviones son uno de los medios […]

Burns at work, more common than you think

Some occupations put workers at higher risk for personal injury than from burns. Especially in the construction and restaurant industries. Within the restaurant industry alone each year there are nearly 12,000 cases of hospitalizations for burns. Cooks, food handlers, kitchen workers and waitresses are among the top 50 occupations at risk for burn injuries in their […]

Be very careful with the amusement parks.

Every year, millions of people visit the nation’s amusement parks, which are a wonderful way to be entertained for people of all ages. Orlando is home to some of the most popular attractions in the world, including Walt Disney World. However, mechanical problems and other defects have injured and even killed dozens of amusement park […]

Benefits for suffering occupational accidents on ladders

There are many reasons why a person can have accidents at work on ladders, which can result in serious injuries to the worker involved in the event. Some of the main causes of workplace accidents on ladders are the following: ● Ladders in poor condition. ● Slippery flooring. ● Lack of proper safety equipment. ● […]