Using a Camera on Your Bike for Proof of Fault

Proof of fault in an accident can be difficult. When you’re on a bike or motorcycle, it can be even harder. That’s why more cyclists are turning to cameras to record the incident.

If you’ve noticed an increase in GoPro cameras attached to bikes, it might not be because of a video project. Although many people use cameras on their bikes for assignments and artistic projects, they also use cameras as expert witnesses. When an accident occurs – and they are frequent for cyclists – it’s important to understand who is to blame. Proof of fault should be understood beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Proof of Fault, Your Bike, and Your Rights

It’s about providing the same rights for cyclists as with other drivers, and what really happens during a collision. The truth is, in some ways cyclists have a heavier burden of proving fault, as many people automatically assume they are to blame. It’s a controversial fact and a misconception about roadway rights, but true nonetheless. Bike cameras, although they may be a bit cumbersome, provide evidence that is admissible in court, hard evidence which is difficult to refute.

Proof of Fault and How to Use a Bike Camera

You can’t rely on testimony and memory for adequate proof of fault anymore. After all, if the scene of the accident isn’t obviously in your favor, then proving who’s to blame can be tricky. That’s why having an actual recording of the incident is a reliable way to have solid proof. When it comes to your bike, attaching a small camera is the answer.

There are a few options with using a camera for proof of fault. Not only can you attach a camera to the bike itself, but you can also place one on your helmet as well. In fact, the best choice would be to use a combination of small cameras to catch all angles and directions. You wouldn’t want to miss essential facts because of a blind spot. Before you purchase a bike camera for proof of fault, make sure you research the diverse types and what works best for you.

An Attorney Knows Best

As a cyclist, you will want to understand your rights on the roadway. If you’re unsure on what you can and cannot do, please contact the Fry | Goehring to learn more. We pride ourselves in fair and honest treatment and will fight for your rights as a citizen. Please call us today for more information.

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