Distracted Truck Driver Accidents

Distracted driving is an increasing traffic safety issue on American roads, nowhere more so than in the metro Atlanta area. The potential injury and damage that large trucks can cause make distracted truck drivers an especially hazardous problem for motorists.

Inattention to the Road Puts Other Drivers in Danger

Combine the volume of traffic in the metro area on an average commute with hundreds of tractor-trailers on our highways at any given time, some of them being operated by distracted truck drivers. Mix this together with the condition of the average big rig’s tires and brakes, because required maintenance was overlooked, and you’ve got a lethal 18-wheel cocktail waiting to be served.

Unfortunately, many truck drivers are overworked, staying on the road beyond the legal limits, and under pressure to complete their routes. Consequently, many truckers are multi-tasking behind the wheel, checking GPS maps, texting, eating on the go, etc.

A distracted truck driver who is already running behind schedule and lacking sufficient rest is a recipe for disaster. The sad reality is too often motorists like you and your loved ones are the ones who suffer most from such negligence. Negligent trucking companies and distracted truck drivers need to be held liable for the pain and suffering they cause.

Get Expert Help Gathering and Documenting Crucial Details

As onerous a problem as distracted driving is, official data likely doesn’t accurately reflect the extent of it, as it is difficult to prove distracted driving was a contributing factor without key information or eyewitness accounts.

If you have been injured, or lost a loved one, in a tractor-trailer collision caused by a distracted truck driver, our office has the experience necessary to build a case on your behalf. We will dig through the facts, talk to witnesses, and gather key evidence needed to earn you fair compensation for your loss and/or injury.

At the Fry Law Firm, our top priority is treating each client with compassion and respect. We approach our profession with equal parts passion for helping others and conviction in the concept of justice.

Come share your distracted truck driver story with us confidentially in your free initial consultation. We will walk you through your options and discuss how our team can help you achieve a satisfactory result. Our proven track record of success, whether at the negotiating table or in a courtroom, means we will go the distance for you.

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