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Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it can, unfortunately, wreak a lot of havoc on your health, well-being, and productivity. Whether your stress derives from work, school, or family, there are multiple ways to reduce the levels of stress and make you less anxious.

Here are 10 examples of ways to reduce stress.

  1. Do Physical Activity

Physical activity is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health. Commit to exercising somewhat rigorously 3-4 times per week, and you’d be surprised at how much more relaxed and less stressed you’ll feel. Don’t have time for grueling exercise every day? Try taking a long walk at lunch or doing a few exercises at your desk throughout the day. Any little bit helps.

  1. Take a Long Bath

There’s just something about a nice, relaxing bath at the end of a long day that makes the stress disappear. Turn out the lights, light a few candles, and put on some relaxing music to really melt the stress away.

  1. Read a Good Book

Getting lost in a book is a great way to forget about the stress that’s weighing on you in real life. Whether you return to an old favorite or branch out and read something new, reading has been proven effective at reducing stress.

  1. Watch a Favorite Movie

Comedy, drama, suspense, horror, or romance—a good film is bound to cheer anyone up and make them feel better. Re-watch an old favorite of yours or go to the movie theater or search through Netflix to find something brand new to entertain you.

  1. Turn off your Electronic Devices

In this modern-day and age, we are so tied to all our electronic devices. It turns out that these devices are adding more stress—even though they’re sold to us as a means to make life more convenient. Try turning off all your electronic devices for a period every day or have a designated time each evening when all your smartphones and tablets are put away.

  1. Don’t Answer Emails at Night

Although a modern workforce is convenient because it gives us more hours in the day and sometimes even allows us to work from home, it can also major intrude on our personal time because we feel the pressure to be available to answer emails in the evening. Do yourself a favor and turn off your access to email (or simply ignore it) when you’re done working for the day. Whatever it is can wait until the next day at work.

  1. Eat Healthy Foods

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is another terrific way to reduce stress. Eat super foods like kale, beets, dates, beets, grains, and nuts and regularly introduce healthy proteins into your meal rotation. Believe it or not, that fast food that you thought was more convenient will cause you to feel less relaxed with high sodium and fat content.

  1. Spend Time with Family

Family is one of the most important things in our lives. You may see your family every day, but if you’re constantly on your devices or simply just watching television together, you might not be getting the quality time that you really need. Play a board game, plan a family outing, or simply have dinner together (sans distractions) to reduce your stress levels.

  1. Book a Vacation

Sometimes getting away is really the solution we need to reduce stress. Whether it’s just a weekend getaway or a two-week excursion to Europe, the most important thing is that you focus on rest and relaxation (and maybe squeeze in some time for some sightseeing along the way).

  1. Practice Meditation

Meditation is another effective stress reducer for our daily lives. It may seem silly at first but getting into the habit of daily meditation is an effective way to feel calmer and more at peace in your daily life.

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