Getting Your House Ready for Hurricane Season

September is the most active month during hurricane season, and those who live in the path of the storm should always be prepared to make a quick evacuation. Not only should they be ready to make a quick exit, but they should also be prepping their house for any inclement weather that heads their way.

Even if you’re living in inland Georgia, tropical storm conditions can still wreak havoc on your home. It’s best to always have your home be storm-ready, just in case of the worst scenario.

Here are a few tips on getting your house ready for hurricane season.

Stock up on Plywood

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, there’s no better tool than plywood. Plywood is an affordable way to cover your windows without shutters and protect them from any flying debris. However, be sure that your plywood will comply with any state inspection standards and stock up early: Once a big storm is headed your way, plywood will run out quickly.

Double Check that You Have Proper Surge Protection

The power is inevitably going to flicker on and off during a heavy tropical storm, and so it’s important that your appliances and electronics are protected throughout all this activity. Add a power surge protector to your main electrical panel and use power strips at every outlet to protect your computers, televisions, and other appliances from getting damaged during storms.

Get Flood and Wind Insurance

You may have home insurance that already protects your home, but do you have the additional protection of flood or wind insurance? Before a storm hits, be sure to call your insurance company and get a better understanding of what kind of coverage you have and add any extra protections so that in case of damage, you’re completely covered. The last thing you want is to be surprised that none of the damage that your home incurred is going to be paid for.

Check for Leaks Throughout the House

Before hurricane season really ramps up, you should go through your house and check for leaks or cracks in all doors, windows, walls, and the areas where cables and pipes enter the home and that would allow water to come through. Before a storm hits you want your home to be completely sealed to protect it from water damage.

At Fry | Goehring, we care about your well-being and hope you remain safe this fall season.

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