Should One Get a Second Lawyer’s Opinion?

You often hear about “getting a second opinion” when it comes to your medical appointments, but is it acceptable to get a second lawyer’s opinion when dealing with legal matters?

The answer is, yes, it is acceptable to get a second lawyer’s opinion, and sometimes it may even be a necessity. When you work with a lawyer, you should always feel confident in their abilities and comfortable with their explanations of your case. The more informed and confident you feel, the better your working relationship with your lawyer will be.

Here are a few scenarios where you might consider seeking out a second legal opinion.

Your Lawyer Doesn’t Have a Lot of Experience or Hasn’t Researched Enough

If your case is really complicated, or if you’re working with an attorney who doesn’t have a lot of experience in the subject, you need to feel confident in their ability to understand the case. If you’re getting the impression that they don’t understand what’s going on or are not putting in the required research to properly handle the case, then you might want to consider seeking out the opinion of a second lawyer.

Your Lawyer is Ignoring You

Everyone knows that lawyers are busy people, but it doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for them to ignore your emails or phone calls about your case. If your lawyer agrees to take on your case, they should be treating your case with just as much respect and care as any other they currently have. It’s important to know that your lawyer is prioritizing your case, so you can get the best outcome you possibly can.

Your Lawyer Didn’t Explain Things to You Very Well

When you’re working with a lawyer, you’re often revealing confidential and vulnerable information about yourself. If you feel uncomfortable or confused during a meeting with your lawyer for whatever reason, it’s completely okay to seek a second lawyer’s opinion to see if you can get the services of someone you can establish a better working relationship with. Remember that there are no stupid questions—always ask for more clarification from your lawyer if it’s needed.

Are you seeking out a second legal opinion in Georgia? Reach out to Randy E. Fry, a trusted legal professional, at (404) 948-3571 to help guide you through your legal matter.

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