4 Questions To Ask Your Doctor After an Auto Accident

If you ever talk to someone after they’ve been in an auto accident, they’ll likely say “it was all a blur.” Car accidents happen quickly, and it’s often difficult to figure out exactly what happened or even how and where injuries occur on our bodies.

Even if you feel relatively normal, it’s important to go to a physician after an automobile accident because hidden injuries can present themselves days or even weeks later. Not only do you need to get a diagnosis to take care of your injuries, but it’s also necessary to see a doctor before filing your auto insurance claim in Georgia (or if you plan on pursuing a lawsuit).

But before you go see the doctor, you should have a list of questions to ask them during the appointment. Here are four crucial questions to ask your doctor after an auto accident.

What Injuries Do I Have?

First things first, it’s important for you to understand exactly what kind of injuries you sustained in your car accident. If you don’t understand your diagnosis, then it will be difficult to explain your injuries to your legal counsel and to your family members or friends who will be helping to care for you.

What Kind of Treatment Will do I Need?

In order to take charge of your health after your car accident, you’ll need to ask your doctor what kind of treatment you’ll need to feel better in the short term as well as in the long term. Will your treatment require physical therapy? Will you need any casts or splints? Will you need surgery? What kind of medications will you need, if any? These are all items to go over with your physician during your appointment after your auto accident.

Can I Go Back to Work?

After an auto accident, your injuries may be so severe that your doctor may recommend not returning to work until you are able to perform regular tasks without causing more harm to your body. When you are at your appointment, be sure to ask your doctor specifically if you are well enough to return to work, and if not, how long will you need to be out. Be sure to ask your doctor if he or she would write these recommendations down so you can present the information to your legal team or insurance company as needed.

How Do I Receive a Copy of My Medical Records?

If you incur any injuries during a car accident and you plan on pursuing a lawsuit or filing a claim with your auto insurance company, you should ask your physician how you can get a copy of your medical records. Medical records are a necessary tool in your arsenal to prove that your injuries happened as a result of your auto accident.

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