Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident

According to a recent study, Atlanta is the fourth worst city in the U.S. for traffic congestion, and number nine worldwide. That might come as no surprise to anyone who’s spent time on local roads, but it also points out an important side effect of clogged roadways: traffic accidents.

Roadway congestion leads to driver frustration and the tendency for some to make risky choices to compensate for time spent in traffic. As auto collisions increase apace with traffic congestion, one of the worst kinds of collision is a multi-vehicle truck accident.

Establishing Liability in a Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident

Commercial over-the-road truckers are typically paid by the mile and are under increasing pressure to complete their routes faster to earn more income. Consequently, truck accidents are often the result of such unsafe decisions as speeding, driver fatigue, tailgating, and dangerous lane-change maneuvers. Trucking companies, meanwhile, keep their rigs on the road past their maintenance schedules.  These and other factors place you, as an Atlanta motorist, at risk of being involved in a truck accident.

In a multi-vehicle truck accident, the resulting damage can be extreme. Death or serious injury is commonplace, and liability is not easy to establish when multiple vehicles are involved. Many times, more than one driver may be at fault. For instance, one vehicle may have been following too closely and another driver was distracted, leading to a chain reaction.

Get Expert Counsel: Contributory Negligence and You

At a time of such pain and suffering, you shouldn’t have to wonder who to turn to for compensation. Least of all, you don’t want to risk being wrongfully accused of being partially at fault, and therefore being denied your just compensation. Georgia law recognizes the legal concept of contributory negligence. In cases such as multi-vehicle accidents, more than one party may be at fault, including the plaintiff. A seasoned Atlanta law firm with solid litigation experience will protect your rights.

At the Fry Law Firm, you are assured of receiving compassionate and fair treatment every step of the way as we help you navigate through the process. From negotiation to litigation, if you or someone you love has been involved in a truck accident, we will fight for you. Follow us on Facebook!

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